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I did MovingOn in 2006. I was worried when I arrived, but soon I gained confidence and my English improved. This is because all the time we spoke only in English, even when eating. When I met other students at the reunion in Madrid (after the course), it was the first time to hear them speak in Spanish!

Living with teachers? Sounds terrible but it was brilliant! I expected very difficult and similar to work, but really it was similar to a nice holiday. We shared the apartment with teachers so always we were speaking English. This year, I am coming again and with my friend too.

All day in English is hard but the best way to learn. I came to Cork for 2 weeks because I heard MovingOn was 100% English. II didn’t believe it possible but it was true. The course helped me improve my English quickly. I need it for my job as I have to communicate regularly with international clients. It was good to listen to different accents and now I’m much more confident speaking on the phone and in meetings.

My pronunciation improved because I did not speak Japanese for 4 weeks. I forgot some of my own language! I used to be very nervous when I spoke to clients on the phone in English. I told my MovingOn teacher and we practised in class, calling real people. My listening and speaking skills improved so much. Now, my English is of a level sufficient that I am going to apply for a transfer in my job to England.

The teachers corrected me and taught me the right pronunciation. I would like to tell you that I learned a lot. It was worth it and I enjoyed every minute, especially the trips and learning new vocabulary in context (which I remember well). I have many fond memories but I don’t miss the English weather!

I am shy but speaking only English all day made me gain confidence. We did a play in English and I spoke to people from different countries in English. We lived together and ate together and went on trips together. Not rest from speaking English but I enjoyed it. Come on MovingOn 2008!!!

MovingOn taught me to be not afraid of speaking English. I learned a lot with the teachers on the trips. I hope to use English that I have learned that summer to get a good job in my future. I hope to return to Ireland one day too!

The first day was difficult (only English) and it was very hard to speak in English. The second day I wanted to go home. Three days later, I had many new friends and my English improved – I didnt want to leave!

I was afraid to not speak Spanish because I came to MovingOn on my own. The teachers were very kind and helpful and I soon felt confident to speak English. I left with new friends and more speaking confidence. Now I want to be an English teacher!

My class was very small (4 students) so I spoke a lot. The activites too were in speaking English. My favourite was making English food with the monitors. I enjoyed very much speaking English with the teachers and monitors, especially at meal times. It was very funny!

My advice is: if you really want to learn English

Speaking English all day was hard in the beginning but I learned so many new words and they will stay in my head because I had fun in learning them.