One to one English course options

Please note that for all options you will live with the teachers and other students as part of our total immersion course.  This is more than an English language homestay in which you live with one teacher. Students live with three English teachers in our our home which is also a guesthouse.  We also have a small team of teachers that come to help with group and private classes.


One to one English classes in the morning instead of group classes (max 4 in class)

The perfect combination of one to one classes and dynamics of a group course for adult professionals.

This is our most popular option. During your face to face time with your teacher you can enjoy a totally tailor made course.

Private English classes in the afternoons

Students attend the Immersion classes in the morning and take additional private tuition in the afternoon. Again, this is possible because we have a small team of teachers.

One to one all day?

Yes, it is even possible to have a totally private course – private English tuition,  private meals and private study-trips.

One to one Business Classes

If you wish to learn business English then you should opt for our one to one business classes. This will be more economical than a business English course at another English language school.

Advantages of our one to one course compared to living in one teacher’s house

Most importantly, the help that we receive from our team of teachers means that we have the time, energy and enthusiasm to provide a more intensive learning experience. We can also offer many more hours of English practice than one teacher without any help. This is especially important if you wish to attend a course longer than one week.

Meals are not rushed – they offer more time to learn and practice English. We have a white board in every room of the house.  The husband or wife of a
On a typical one to one English course you will live with a family and only one person is a teacher. The partner will generally have another job and you may only see him or her briefly at meal times.
We are not just one teacher, we are a team of five teachers which means we can offer more English accents and a a variety of teaching styles.

Do you think one teacher will offer the same energy and attention to detail as a team of teachers? Between our team of teacher we can offer more than 60+ hours of English immersion per week.

We prefer to talk about the quality of our tuition and the friendly full immersion that we offer however the price is also important. We offer more hours of guaranteed English practice at a lower price.

We are happy for you to choose the one to one option but remember that you can save  even more money by choosing our Immersion English Course which has a maximum of 4 students in class.

Bangor is a great place to learn English

MovingOn Courses is the only English language school in the town. Bangor is a beautiful tourist town on the coast and is only 30 minutes from Belfast.

Please note that Bangor is in Northern Ireland and so in the United Kingdom.