A Different English Language School

MovingOn Courses is a different English Language School. Our adult students live in our home which is also a small hotel.  Students live with the us, the owners (Gavin and Sonia) and also our wonderful friend and qualified teacher Karen.

Classes, meals and day to day English conversation all take place in the hotel which is obviously also our Language Academy. Although we refer to MovingOn Courses as an Academy all students must live in our hotel. In fact, we are the only English Language School in Bangor so do not expect to find other English language learners on the streets and in the supermarkets etc. Your Immersion will be 100% English…guaranteed.

The video we made for the academy in Belfast although it is  also applicable to the school in Bangor

Why did we choose to start our English Language School in Bangor?

After 15 years of setting up a summer school in different cities all over the UK we decided to offer our English Courses all year. We wanted to avoid places full of English Language students and English schools with huge class sizes. Originally we chose Belfast as it is also near Sonia’s parents’ house. This sounds loving a caring but we make sure they help (for free) with all our courses. Now Belfast is is also home to a lot of adult students who have chosen Belfast as an ideal place to learn English.

So, we opted to buy a small hotel 30 minutes from Belfast in the beautiful seaside town of Bangor.

English Language Academy

Our hotel the English Language Academy

Please note that most students come to live in our guesthouse and also enjoy a Full Immersion course. However, we also offer free English classes to local refugees from Bangor and Belfast.  Please note that we still limit the number of students in class to 4 during the whole year except summer. We have limited availability in summer and lessons have a maximum of 6 students.





To always be a Different English Language School. To offer Total Immersion, not only in the hotel but also with interesting and motivating study-trips to help you learn English in real situations


Enjoy a mix of new and repeating students who consider our Language Academy like a second home.

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