ESL English classes Bangor

Our English classes are available to all adults but are free for refugees. Please note our English classes Bangor refer to Bangor near Belfast, Northern Ireland

MovingOn Courses is a small English Language school located in Bangor, Northern Ireland. So, we are not a church or charity but would like to contribut to the community.

Our courses are total immersion for professionals that come mainly from Spain and Italy. These students live in our guesthouse but we have space for a many more students in the classes.

Please come and take advantage of any free classes – when we can offer them.

This information is about free English classes and that is what you need but please consider forming part of our small family even if you do not need or want any more ESL classes.

Free English classes in Bangor for refugees

We offer free English classes to refugees. We suggest you also attend other church classes because we have small groups and cannot mix levels. This means that some weeks we cannot offer you classes. A big ESL school such as SERC in Bangor could have 40 students in 2 or 3 levels and so all your classes are guaranteed. We might have 4 students in only 2 levels and so if your English level is different we cannot include you in the class.

So please consider Aston Academy as an intensive course that is totally free but not always available.

English classes as an exchange

The exchange option is available to all nationalities and can consist of a language exchange or any service that you can offer for our English lessons.

Our regular timetable for English classes 0830 – 1230 Monday to Friday but we can extend this if necessary.

We also offer study-trips to our students so that they can continue learning English all day. If we have room you are welcome to attend the study-trips too. This is a great way to make friends and also like another free English class.

Please contact us with your an idea

Just in case – our English school is in County Down, Northern Ireland. Bangor, Wales is a very different place with a very different accent.

Finally, our new name is Aston Academy and the guesthouse is Princetown Guesthouse

A great source of all free lessons available in Northern Ireland is embraceni