Our methodology

We present our range of highly-intensive English-language courses which we organise throughout the year in Bangor (Northern Ireland) or, during the summer months (July-August), in Cork in the Republic of Ireland (Eire).

With our methodology we offer much more than the traditional concept of a Homestay course. This is why:

  • The traditional Homestay concept refers to:
    • A stay abroad (in a foreign country) living at home with a host family, which involves total immersion in the language, the culture and the customs of that host family and of the city in which they live.
    • Whilst the students lives at home with the host family, they generally have their lessons at an academy, together with other students.
  • MovingOn Courses goes a few steps further than the Homestay concept, offering:
    • Stays in the same house as the teachers, sharing the accommodation, lunch and dinner with them.
    • Practice in the English language, not just in the classroom, but at every opportunity, including during afternoon excursions when students will be able to ‘put into practice’ in a real-life environment what they previously learned in the classroom.
    • Small group sizes mean  that the student is assured of having the teachers’ full interest. Teachers will correct mistakes, ensuring that students improve their level of English as much as possible.
    • Unlike other language schools and academies, we can guarantee that our students will be in an English-speaking environment all day long, with their teachers. We also provide the opportunity to visit many places of interest, in private cars, with the teachers.