• One to one English course in the house of your teacher

    English Language Homestay in Belfast, Northern Ireland

    • 12+ hours of English WITH TEACHERS per day
    • * Classes in the morning – average 2, max 4 students in class
    • * All meals with your teachers
    • * Afternoon trip with teachers (optional)

    * One to one classes available

    The classes are tailored to your needs whether you need a business English course or are more interested in a generalEnglish language course or simply an English language holiday.

    Our house has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and is always occupied by the owners of MovingOn Courses – Gavin and Sonia.

    Additionally, we normally have another English teacher livingin the house so that 100% English, is even more guaranteed.

    We are all qualified teachers with a total of over 25 years’ teaching experience between us.

    Daily timetable (typical)

    0845-0915 - Breakfast

    0915-1330 - Classes – normally general English but you can decide the type of English class

    1345 - Lunch with your teachers

    1445 - Optional Trip (in private car) to cultural attraction – Giant’s Causeway etc

    1930 - Dinner with your teachers

    2030 - Traditional pub/sport/cinema/theatre/relax / homework etc

    We only speak English and expect you to only speak English. This means that mealtimes and trips are just like an English class.

    During the trip, you will learn new vocabulary in context. Every day, there will be an additional short class (eg: in a cafe during the afternoon trip or in the evening) when we will review the vocabulary, grammar, mistakes etc learned during the day's trip.


    Start any Sunday and finish any Saturday.


    Please note, unlike many other English language homestay courses, we can guarantee that you willspeak English all day with your teachers. In addition we provide the opportunity to visit many tourist attractions in a private car.

    All options include individual room and all meals with the teachers

    English classes only – 745 Euros or 550 pounds

    Each trip with teachers: 50 Euros for trips in Belfast City Centre, 70 Euros out of Belfast and 85 Euros for the Giant's Causeway Tour (a complete day)

    Additional English classes in the afternoon 24Euros/hour

    Free trips for any courses longer two weeks

    Longer courses

    Please note: There is no guarantee that your English language homestay is totally private. You will live in the house of the teachers (our house) but you may share the English course with one to four other students.

    One to one English classes - supplement of 6Euros/hour or 5 pounds/hour

    Private course with no other English students in the house - 1250Euros

    Extra night if necessary 45Euros including meals.

    Airport transfers:

    Belfast international airport - 35Euros, Belfast City airport 30Euros, Bus/Train station 5Euros

    During the summer we offer our English courses in Cork – many more students but also many more English teachers.

    If you THINK you have found an English language homestay course that offers better value for money please let us know and we will let you know why you are wrong :)

    Finally, let us know if you wish to have a reverse English language homestay in your country.

    We love to travel and can offer a course in your country.

    Special Offer for May:

    Price: 925

    Save 165 euro!

    The package for 5 days would cost 1090 euros:

    Basic Course - 745

    Belfast Visit - 50

    3 visits ouside Belfast - 210

    Giant's Causeway - 85

    Total - 1090

  • Testimonials & Photos
    • "
      The first day was difficult (only English) and it was very hard to speak in English. The second day I wanted to go home. ..."
      --Tomoko Ota

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