• English Courses for Juniors

    English Courses for Juniors

    English classes for kids, children or teenagers.

    Our English course for kids or children focuses on learning English in an enjoyable way. 

    Classes are small and individual attention is very important (with an average of 5 students in each English class this is very easy).

    During the rest of the day students are encouraged to make use of the opportunities to speak and improve their English with the presence of monitors and teachers who will always use English with them.  

    Three classes in the morning from Monday to Friday.  The focus is primarily on spoken English; students will learn functional English to help them in real social situations. Special attention will be given to useful vocabulary for the afternoon's activities/trip.  The course will finish with a group presentation.

    Maximum number of students in class is 8.  This allows for greater participation and a greater degree of individual attention. Please note that this is a guaranteed maximum.

    Each class is with a different teacher. This means that students practice English with the added benefit of listening to more accents and experience a variety of teaching styles.

    Classes are arranged by level.  On arrival students take a level test to assess their oral, reading and written abilities.  Students are then placed in a class where teachers agree they will benefit most. Please comare!! If we have only 26 students this means we divide the children into 4 groups even if every child has the same level.

    We live and study on campus,. There is no time wasted in travelling to class.  There are short breaks between classes to allow students to refresh, prepare for the next class or make a start on homework. Homework is beneficial to reinforcing language learned during the day so teachers will set some short tasks each night.  Students will have opportunity to do these when they choose -after class, before or after meals or at the end of the day.

    Teachers are native-English speakers from all over the world, graduates, TESOL qualified, and experienced.  Our teachers know what it's like to learn a language.  They will encourage and help all the students - from children to teenagers.

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    Speak English All Day

    You may wonder why when referring to an English course in the U.K. or Ireland we emphasise the point that you will not only study English, but also learn and speak English all day. This is because many English courses provide classes in which you  study English but offer no further guarantees that you will continue to learn English during the rest of the day. In other words, many students do not speak English outside the class, because they have the temptation and freedom to speak to other students in their own language.

    With MovingOn Courses you will spend over 10 hours per day with the teachers. Classes, lunch, afternoon trips, a vocabulary review in a typical pub, the evening meal AND the student residence are all shared with teachers.

    In short, not only do we give you the opportunity to practice English all day, but you will do this in the company of teachers who are there to help you with every aspect of your Engish language.


    Daily Activities / Trips in English

    Interesting trips and fun activities  - all in English!
    On the MovingOn Junior Course, students have the opportunity to study English in the morning but to also learn English during the rest of the day, because they will practice English with teachers and monitors during the afternoon and evening activities.  We encourage students to take advantage of the many opportunities to speak English throughout the day, not just in lessons.

    Each day there is an afternoon and evening activity organised for the students.  
    After lunch, accompanied by teachers and monitors (max 10 students per adult),  students take part in group activities.  We encourage them to get active by taking part in sport, learn something new in a craft workshop, or work as a team deciphering clues on an outdoor treasure hunt.   The activity time gives the students a more informal chance to practice English with their classmates and teachers/montiors in real situations.  They will have the opportunity to put into practice the vocabulary and grammar they have learned in class.  

    In the evening, planned activities offer the students an opportunity to kick back and relax (but not switch off from using English!)  Bowling, karaoke, pizza and video night, a talent show and games night are some of the activites planned for this year.

    Thursday and Saturday trips
    During the 3 week course, the young people will enjoy 3 half day trips (Thursdays) and 2 full day trips (Saturdays). On these days, we go on a sightseeing excursion to take in some of Ireland's sights and attractions.  Check out the trips Cork 08 link for more details on where we're planning to go this year.  Monitors and teachers will accompany the young people (max 10 students per adult) and students will make notes on new vocabulary learned in real situations.  
    Safety is an important issue for us and so students whereabouts are to be known to the teachers/monitors at all times.  Young people who wish to do something independently of adults (shopping when we are in the city centre for example) are welcome to but must first have permission from their parents. We will talk with you about the level of independence you wish your child to have at certain times however we operate a strict security policy. Security is of utmost importance to us:
    *monitors/teachers will always be present during the planned activities
    *each night an adult will be "on call" to attend to any problems/emergencies that might arise
    *smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs are not permitted and students caught using such will be subject to punishment (forfeit of activities, allocated duties, or in the worst case scenario - sent home)
    *we also benefit from the university security (grounds monitored by CCTV and 24 hour wardens).


    Typical Day in English

    Time  Activity
    8.30-9.00am Breakfast
    9.15-10.15 Lesson 1
    10.30-11.30 Lesson 2
    11.45-12.45 Lesson 3
    13.15-14.15 Lunch with teachers and monitors
    15.00-18.30 Afternoon Activity (eg: sight-seeing, treasure hunt, bowling, sport, craft, cookery)
    19.00-20.00 DINNER
    20.30-22.30 Evening Activity (eg: games, karaoke, video night, organised trip to local youth club)
    23.00 Lights out

    The timetable is intensive however there are breaks between activities to allow students to prepare for the following activity and provide opportunities to do the homework which will be set by teachers every day. Please note that our English course, whether for children or teenagers is very intensive and phoning home is not always easy. A free moment to phone home will be after 10pm U.K time.


    Each of the three classes will be with a different teacher .

    All teachers are fully trained native English speakers.
    DAY: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Morning Activity
    Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons Late
    Guided Walk (optional)
    Orientation (trip to town centre - seeing some highlights, and chance to use internet) Treasure Hunt Half Day Trip to cultural attraction (eg: Blarney Castle or Fota Wildlife Park) Drama (rehearsal) Shopping Trip to town centreSport (football, basketball, badminton, swimming, rounders etc) Free-time (with activity
    option for those who wish)
    Full Day Trip to cultural attraction
    (eg: Killarney National Park and Waterfall
      Sports: badminton, table-tennis, climbing wall) Craft Workshop Half Day
    (English) Cookery Drama
    Free-time (with activity option) Full Day Trip
    Evening Activity
    10 Pin Bowling Group
    Video Night Karaoke Drama Performance Social with local youth group Talent Show


    Trips (with English teachers) Cork 2011


    Full Day trips (1 per week)

    Some trips for the children in 2011

    Ring of Kerry
    See some of Ireland's best scenery (Killarney National Park). We'll have a day out starting in quaint Killarney town with a picnic and then cycle or walk around a lake . Optional ride in a horse and cart.  We'll finish with a visit to a beautiful waterfall where you can take a dip in the icy water if you're brave enough!  

    Charming town with small boutiques and specialist shops.  We'll enjoy the coastal scenery on a beautiful walk and a boat trip finishing at Charles Fort (17th century).

    Trabolgan Park
    Fun park with mini golf, swimming pool and karts

    Dublin City (optional)

    Half day trips (7):

    Blarney Castle
    Built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland’s greatest chieftains, Blarney Castle is one of Ireland’s greatest treasures.
    The big attraction is the Blarney Stone, the legendary Stone of Eloquence, found at the top of the Tower. Kiss it and you’ll never again be lost for words. But don’t take our word for it – everyone from Sir Walter Scott to a host of American presidents, world leaders, and international entertainers has been eager to take advantage.
    There are also mystical and beautiful rock areas and gardens; home to fairies and witches.

    Fota Wildlife Park
    Come face to face with over 90 species of exotic wildlife. Appreciate endangered animals such as cheetahs, oryx and lion tailed macaques in tranquil surroundings.  See conservation in action.

    Situated at the mouth of the River Blackwater.  It is one of the best examples of a Norman walled port in Ireland today, combined with a modern seaside resort. We will visit Youghal Visitor Centre to explore the history of the town and enjoy a guided walking tour through the most notable areas of the town, stopping at an interesting museum.

    Last point of departure for the Titanic.  Interesting Titantic exhibition, modern cathedral and seaside attractions.


    English Courses for teenagers with sports and special activities

    English with horse riding, English with golf, English with tennis - whatever the preferred activity, it can be combined with our English course.



    If a student has a particular interest, please let us know in advance and we can organise these special activites for small supplement.  These will form part of the course and will be done in the afternoon after classes as often as you like.  A teacher or monitor will accompany the student so, they will of course, be practising English during the activity. 

    If there is group of only 4 students that require a special activity then it is very unlikely that there will be a supplement.






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