Why choose a one to one English course?

Pros and cons of a one to one English course? Studying English one-to-one offers many advantages to the student as well as the teacher. Not only does the student have the opportunity to practice and speak more but they also have the chance to ask more questions based on his/her understanding of the language and […]

International Words-only from English!

The long list of international words, especially from English, will make any English language course that bit easier. Your English teachers will probably be surprised at the number of words that come from your language and form part of general English usage. Somebody once said to me “if you know a word in another language, […]

What is included when you live with an English speaking family?

Live with a family and learn English – explained. Living with a family can be a great way to learn English. However, when you live with a family you should remember that you have paid for a room and some meals and not an English language course. You receive your classes at the academy.

What is a homestay English course?

It is not staying with a family! Will a family have any interest in you learning English when you know you are only paying for a room and some food? It is staying in the home of your teacher and taking your classes in the same place. This means you will be able to practice […]