English Immersion Course

Total English Immersion Course. Live with native English teachers and other students in our small hotel.

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Business English Courses

English language immersion with classes for specialist business needs – marketing, talks, presentations, negotiations…

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English course with golf & activities

English language course with golf and specialist activities – sailing, cooking, hiking, movies…

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One to One English Course

1-2-1 English course in the home of your teacher with private morning or private afternoon classes or a totally one to one course

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The best of an English Immersion Course in the home of your English teacher and the best of an Intensive English Course in an academy.

  • 60 – 70 hours/week with an average of 2 students per teacher.

  • Live with us, your  teachers, in our home/mini-hotel.
  • Groups maximum of 4 students
  • Possibility of one to one classes
  • Lunch and Dinner  with Teachers
  • Afternoon study-trips with teachers
  • Team of qualified teachers who help with classes, meals and study-trips.

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An English Immersion Course is much more than an Intensive English Course?

  • We are not an agency or a large English academy – our English Immersion Course offers a more Immersion coursepersonal experience that you would only get in the home of an English language teacher.

    However, an English teacher does not have the time or energy to help you practice all day. This means you do not enjoy a total immersion. Our team of teachers means we are able to provide +60 hours of English classes, conversation and activities in English (with 2 or 3 students per teacher) every day and every week.

    Please remember:

    Compared to an Intensive English Course

    Many Academies will describe their courses as Intensive English Courses simply because it has more classes than the basic course. If you have +8 students in the class this is never really an intensive English course.

    Compared to a one to one English course:

    One teacher cannot offer a full immersion.  You may enjoy one to one classes but you will not have a full day of activities in English.

    If you think that an English Immersion Course is not enough, we also offer one to one classes and one to one study-trips but meal times are always shared with all our students. You should not underestimate how difficult it can be to speak English all day, especially with teachers – you know that the teachers will hear every mistake you make. If you really think you need a more personalised course then remember that we offer a totally one to one English course too.


  • Our school is in the town of Bangor, 20 kilometers from Belfast which is the capital of Northern Ireland. This enviable location on the coast of the Irish Sea and surrounded by lush forests, offers a unique opportunity to learn English in Ireland and make a tourist trip through the green Irish landscapes.Academy

    Our study-trips include: Belfast, coastal walks from Bangor (Nothern Ireland), Giant’s Causeway, Game of Thrones filming locations, Titanic museum, Cave Hill and lots more.

    Do not forget the notebook – at the end of each trip we review your mistakes and the new vacabulary.


  • MovingOn Academy Courses is also the residence of students and teachers.

    An English Immersion Course is much more than an Intensive English Course


  • We are a team of native teachers who have more than 15 years of experience in teaching English in England and intensive English.



  • We adjust our current offer intensive English classes students profile, their specific needs and goals you want everyone to.

    The flexibility of language immersion programs in English is essential for students to achieve their objectives with greater motivation

    The content of our intensive English courses are guaranteed and we do not cancel courses.


Please do not be fooled by some phrases used by English Language Schools:

Immersion classes  – all language classes should be immersion, so this does not mean anything

Intensive course – does a few extra extra classes really make a course intensive?

20 classes per week – classes may not be hours of class time. In this example 20 classes would only be 15 hours if each class is 45 minutes



Do not hesitate to contact us we are to help you in whatever you need, I hope 🙂