Business English Courses

  • Business English Courses
  • One to one courses or groups max 4 students all year. Experienced teachers with business background. Our qualified teachers are generally over 28 years of age.
  • Summer English courses: We have experienced Business English teachers from various fields. If you have no specific needs then we suggest you attend the regular English classes. The regular English classes only have a maximum of 6 students in class. Business English courses have a maximum of only 4 students but require a supplement. Although one to one courses are available we do not recommend the extra cost unless for a specific need.
  • During the rest of the year we offer the possibility of intensive business English in our home in Belfast

We provide one to one clases for a supplement of 190euros per week. Provided we have 4 weeks to prepare, your business English classes or whatever specialist classes you require, then we can guarantee the course.

Our regular classes, combined with the excursions and the accommodation shared with teachers, means that students are being exposed to English throughout the day. Also, the small class sizes (a maximum of 6 students per teacher, but an average of only 4) gives the students the opportunity, not to say the obligation, of participating actively in class and in other activities. In other words, one to one classes are not really necessary. However one to one classes are available instead of regular group classes, instead of afternoon trips or as additional class time at the weekends.

Please see our private English course option which we offer in Belfast.

If your company requires a business English for several staff or executives, whether they attend the course at the same time or not, we are 100% certain we can provide the best business English course you can find and addtionally at a price that offer the best value for money.

Please ask for a quote and we will offer more English and more guarantees of Business English than any other course you may find.

MovingOn Courses offers the same quality of teaching as any other business English course plus additional social interaction in English